Here's the official bio:

Michelle Mach is an independent writer, editor, and jewelry designer.  She's the author of Unexpected Findings: 50+ Clever Jewelry Designs Using Everyday Components. The former editor of the popular Beading Daily site and a former reference librarian, she sells her book-inspired work at selected U.S. galleries and shops and online.

Her 100+ original jewelry designs have appeared in Beadwork, Beadwork Quick & Easy, BeadStyle, Bead-a-Day Calendar, Bead Trends, Bead-It Today, 101 Bracelets Necklaces and Earrings, Creative Jewelry, Easy Wire, Jewelry Affaire, Jewelry Gifts for the Holidays, Simply Beads, Simply Handmade, Step by Step Beads, and Jewelry Stringing.  The fact that some of these fine publications are no longer publishing is an indicator of tough times in publishing, not Michelle's beautiful contributions.  She also has created exclusive tutorials for B'Sue Boutiques, Halcraft USA, and other companies.

In addition to creating jewelry and tutorials, Michelle edits jewelry books and writes articles, blog posts, and other short pieces for various publications.  Her work has appeared in more than a dozen anthologies, as well as in magazines and on websites.


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